Family Events


Today’s modern family values experiences over things, but as families get busier and busier, finding more meaningful ways to engage becomes a challenge.

That’s why today’s families want to make the most of their time together—participating in unique experiences that matter.

At xplor, we have our finger on the pulse of today’s evolving families.

We know exactly what they’re craving, and we have the tools and resources to deliver. We work collaboratively with our clients and partners to design, manage, and oversee innovative family events. Our expert project management skills coupled with our connections to those doing the coolest things in family engagement give us a competitive edge for brands and businesses looking to expand their reach to this specific demographic.

Beyond Bozo: Forget everything you know about traditional family events, including Bozo the clown. We’re not big-box party planners and we have families of our own, so we know what it takes to create a memorable and meaningful experience for today’s on-the-go families. Whether you’re looking to introduce a new product to the market, enhance fundraising efforts, or engage with new clients and customers, our approach is tailored to your goals.

Experience vs. Activity: Taking karate lessons is an activity. Going to an event that lets you design your own karate belt after you learn how to chop a piece of Styrofoam in half from a karate master is an experience. When the kids are happy, the parents are happy—and brand goodwill is generated.

Families at Your Fingertips: xplor has expertly built a list of forward-thinking families. As a partner, you gain access to this list, and can make a powerful impression on this coveted group.

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