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As ultimate experience experts and engineers, xplor loves getting creative for our festival clients.

Whether you want to conjure a Coachella vibe or simply create an awe-inspiring kids’ area, we know how to connect you with the audiences (and attendees) that matter.

Beyond the Bounce House.

Festivals offer the perfect opportunity and platform to connect and engage with people in meaningful ways. Your typical festival goer (or festival-going family) is on the hunt for something new, fresh, and exciting. They want more than cliché carnival games, tired sponsor booths, and, yes, even bounce houses. That’s where we come in. Working with xplor is a collaborative experience; we work with you to bring your vision to life with simple, turnkey solutions that excite and captivate.

Ready to finesse your festival? Here’s how we can help:

Thematic Content: We work with organizations to incorporate unique educational components into their festival experience to give attendees that extra value. We do this by carefully getting to know your brand and developing relevant, thematic content to drive attendance and garner interest from the community.

Influencer Ignition: If you didn’t have an influencer at your event, did it even happen? xplor is well connected to influencers across the country who act as a virtual megaphone for your event—on the platforms that matter. We work together with these movers and shakers to spearhead strategic campaigns that amplify festival buzz and attendance.

The A Team: You’re putting on a festival and you need the right people to make it happen. Whether it’s a top-level chef for a high-stakes and fun-filled cooking competition, a wine tasting with just the right amount of pretension, or a virtual reality experience for the kiddie corner, we connect our clients to the best of the best with contacts and vendors that create those mic-drop moments.

Pack the House: Drive attendance with exclusive access to our Hookup membership list.
By tapping into this valuable demographic, xplor clients have the unique opportunity to market their event to a group of individuals and families who crave authentic experiences.

Let’s grab a sun hat, some oversized sunglasses, and a fun drink and talk more about what you want to accomplish at your festival.

Let’s chat.