Influencer Marketing + Events


We make it our job to find the most interesting and influential people in the community—you know, the ones who get likes and followers like most of us get junk mail—and connect them with the right brands and businesses.

What’s more, we help brands develop authentic influencer communities that can be utilized well beyond the day of your event.

Why it works:

The It Factor: Nothing gets influencers more excited than an exclusive invitation to an event. Influencers are constantly looking for content to build their own brands and showcase their unique styles and passions. They want to be the first-to-know so that their tribe can be first-to-know. When you provide an amazing experience for an influencer, you’re guaranteed to reach new audiences looking to buy from the same brands those they follow engage with.

Amplification: It’s like that old childhood game telephone—but without the mishearing and ensuing giggles. All you need to do is make a positive impression on an influencer and that impression is almost instantaneously broadcast to their hundreds of thousands—and sometimes millions—of followers. That’s one powerful megaphone.

Here’s what xplor provides for brands who want to get to the next level with their influencer marketing:

Cultivating a campaign around specific goals that will guarantee success Contacting local content creators who can amplify your vision and share your story Organizing your event
Maintaining relationships on your behalf

Whether you are looking to introduce your brand or business to the community or further embed your brand’s story in a specific region, we can help.

xplor has created well-attended influencer events including first looks, private parties, and grand openings for Saks Fifth Avenue, Ok! Magazine, In Touch Weekly, movie releases, and more. We can’t wait to help you.

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