The Team

The only way to do great work is to love what you do
— Steve Jobs


Be big. Be bold. Be badass.

xplor was created with one goal- do it better. By creating, producing, and curating unique experiences for companies, organizations, and people- xplor strives to raise the bar and tie a bow on it every.single.time.


Angela Sandler-

Co-Founder & CEO

Angela loves a good hustle and on-the-go at all times! Passionate about travel, reading, her kids, family, friends, the sun, Peloton and Shred415. She has always tried to put her best foot forward in life and "get things done". If not producing or attending an event, Angela can usually be found in the gym at a gymnastics meet. Angela is also passionate about supporting other women in the workplace and in their careers and is a part of several organizations catering to women’s initiatives. Her quote: “Do it with heart or nothing at all!”


Lisa Litvag-

Co-Founder & COO

After spending most of her career leading teams of storytellers in the entertainment industry – Lisa decided to flip the script and help create a company that masters storytelling through EVENTS that entertain.

Lisa has a strong drive to finish first and has let this ambition lead her in all things professionally and personally. When she is not producing amazing events for Xplor, Lisa can be found cheering on her son’s hockey team or fan-girling at any concert! Lisa is also a passionate advocate in the world of Autism. She has helped lead a school startup and often finds herself being the media spokesperson for parents with children on the spectrum. Her quote: “work hard & be kind…that’s all”


Blair Gladding-

Vice President of Production

A St. Louis native, Blair hit the ground running after over a decade spent exploring Washington, D.C., Boston, and Sarasota, Florida. Despite a solid professional background in the political arena, Blair discovered event production & management (minus the political nonsense) after moving away from the Capital City. Also part of her discovery: marathon running, and she hasn’t stopped running (literally) since! With a “can do” attitude, Blair doesn’t just get the job done, she gets the job done well and inspires others along the way.


The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosevelt